After School Programs

After School Programs

after school

We offer after school care for those that attend Porter's Neck, Ogden, Eaton, Blair and Murrayville Elementary.  We provide transportation from school, a snack and homework time followed by games and active play regardless of the weather.  The goal is that when your child is picked up, their homework is completed and they've had 60 minutes of physical activity.  Activities include but are not limited to dodgeball, soccer, team handball, kickball, wiffleball, running and capture the flag.  Games will emphasize fun, teamwork, fitness and sportsmanship.

A sample schedule:

Arrive at Off The Wall 2:25-2:50pm depending on the school

Homework time 2:25-3:10pm

Split into groups and play games 3:10-5pm

Free time 5-6pm


Here is the pricing for 1 child:

4-5 days per week   $80
3 days per week      $60
2 days per week      $45
1 day per week        $25

Monthly including all camp days, intersession, spring break and summer camps - $305

We are full for the coming 2022/23 school year. Please contact [email protected] with number of kids, school and what days you would like to attend to be added to the wait list.

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