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Men's Soccer

Valedores aug 2017

Registration is $400 per team. Men's teams register and pay as a team. The season consists of 8 guaranteed games. There are playoffs in the champions (Mondays) and premier (Tuesdays) divisions. There are no weekly ref fees. You may pay by cash, check or charge at Off The Wall or register the team below. We'll have recreation divisions on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Women are allowed but not required in the men's league.

If you wish to play but don't have a team, contact [email protected] and let her know what division you think you should be in. Be sure to include your contact information, skill level, age, etc. She'll forward it to the team captains in case they need another player or two. Or, post it on Facebook.

Winter 2018/19 seasons begin:

Mondays (playoffs) - 1/7/19

Tuesdays (rec - no playoffs) - 1/7/19

Wednesdays (rec - no playoffs) - 11/28/18



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