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Playing indoors is great fun.  You never have to worry about the weather closing the fields.  It also works on a player's first touch, fitness, and speed of play.  We play 5v5 with a maximum of 8 players on a team.  Player requests will be taken into account but we'll also make every effort to make even teams.  There are NO practices just two 25 minute weekly games for six weeks for recreation players born in '08-'11.  Games are either back to back or have a 30 minute break in between.  Ages are based on your child's birth year.   Sign up now as space is limited.  Don't be left out this season!

The winter season will be

SUNDAYS 1/5/20 - 2/9/20 for birth years 2010 & 2011

MONDAYS & TUESDAYS  1/6/20 - 2/11/20 for birth years 2008 & 2009


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